Spiced Coasters

Spiced Coasters


Rice and Spices! These cotton coasters are filled with an aromatic blend of cinnamon, allspice, pumpkin seasonings, and a dash of chamomile. They’re filled just enough so when you set your hot mug on them, they create a sturdy indent, which won’t allow your mug to tip over. The heat of the mug will warm up the spices and let off a subtle holiday aroma. These are great additions to your holiday decor, and they make wonderful gifts for the spice lover in your family!

Additional Info:

  • 100% cotton and spices - completely biodegradable

  • Four coasters per pack, three different kinds of mix-matched patterns to add a touch of whimsey. One main color theme is listed in the options.

  • Filled with rice and a variety of crushed and ground spices

  • Care instructions included

  • Not recommended for use with cold drinks - the condensation will cause the coasters to get damp.

  • Not a toy - not intended for children under 3

  • Made in USA, and a cat-friendly, non-smoking home

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